Vows of Pain and Passion~~A Medieval Romance

 Vows of Pain and Passion ~ A Medieval Romance~ by Leigh Lee

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She was determined not to surrender…

On a well-to-do fief on the Sussex Coast of England in 1066, Adaira Godwin lives a charmed life as the only child of Lord Alden Godwin. But life changes dramatically for Adaira when Norman Knight Renouf de Sinclaire arrives and brutally claims both her and the fief in the name of Normandy.

He is equally determined that she will…

Unable to deny his desires for this beautiful spitfire, Renouf forces her to marry him. As these two headstrong people struggle to overcome hatred, language barriers, religious beliefs, and their own fears to finally find love and trust together, they are both betrayed by those they believed to be loyal. Can their fragile love survive this latest treachery, or are they doomed to lose the one thing they want most—each other?

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