He knew she hated him…


… but to seal herself off in a tomb, living in isolation just to avoid him seemed extreme…

In disbelief, Renouf shook his head as he imagined the horrific life Adaira actively sought for herself. “Has her grief driven her mad? Would she give up everything to live in a sealed tomb, dwell in her own grave until she dies?”

“The demoiselle has confessed her sins and the bishop has given his blessings,” Evan stated plainly.

“Where is she now?” Renouf demanded, none too quietly.

“In her room, preparing herself.”

“We will see about that.” Renouf started up the stairs then, turning, he glanced back at his first in command, realizing that he had no idea which room was hers.

“The tower room, the small one at the very top,” Evan supplied quickly. “But, Renouf, I doubt anything you say will affect her decision. Her mind is made up.”

“Like the very devil it is!”

 Adaira learned of Renouf’s plans to marry her when she awoke in a new, much larger, and better-furnished chamber.

“What in the devil were you thinking, demoiselle?” he rasped, as if committing her life to God was the greatest sin of all.

 It is my choice—” she began, surprised at this reaction.

“Had I not arrived in time—” Renouf paused and suppressed a shudder. “No!” he disagreed with a fiery red face. “Yours will not be a life of solitude. We will marry.”

© Leigh Lee 2014


Vows of Pain and Passion 

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