She was caught—trapped in his arms with no hope of release.

The captain’s eyes held Eugenia’s for a space of time that seemed an eternity. His face remained a cold stony mask, devoid of even the kinder way he had come to look at her lately as his sergeant. That he felt betrayed was evident. Her heart sank as she realized that he was already condemning her—that he saw her as a stranger, a fraud.

He had been her commander, and for that, she owed him the truth, but why and how she had managed to fool everyone and lie her way into the Army of the Potomac was unbelievable. He was correct. No woman in her right mind would attempt such a stunt—unless she had a terrible secret to hide.

Fear of discovery paled beneath the glower of disdain and betrayal she saw on his face. If only she could make him understand her reasons for doing this, the vengeance that had driven her and kept her strong these past years even though the presence of the death plagued her days. Oh, and how could she ever tell him that for the first time in her life, she had found a healing balm in him?








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