Anything is Possible

Anything Is Possible

Anything Is Possiblekz

Anything is Possible

What is reality? Merriam-Webster defines reality as, the true situation that exists – the real situation. But what is the true, real situation? Is it some rigid, unchangeable constant, or can reality be shaped, molded by an attitude, state of mind or belief? And, does what we are taught to believe as children shape our minds to forever become our reality?

The above questions only lead me to more questions. What if anything is possible as long as we believe it can be so? Is it our own self-limiting thoughts that keep us contained – from rising higher, achieving more?

In college, I took a Sociology class and one of the professor’s lectures left me frustrated as I pondered these very questions. He showed us a video of an Amazon Tribe. This small, primitive community was shut off from the outside world. Never having been influenced by any outside civilization, it was their belief that once a spike was pounded through the palm of a hand, it could be withdrawn and there would be no injury or break in the skin whatsoever. Crazy, huh? No. For them it was reality and very possible.

I’ve often thought about that Amazon tribe through my lifetime, especially when facing a difficult goal. Whenever I was told, “It is not possible” somehow, deep inside, I felt if I believed it was, and worked hard enough, I might succeed where other would fail.

Consider the achievements of Newton, Einstein, Edison and the Wright brothers, just to mention a few. Imagine our homes without electricity. There would be no lights, refrigeration, television, A/C…and, oh my…no internet! Of course, there might also be no jet planes or satellites and people would still be wondering why apples fell down instead of up.

I can’t help but be humbled by these genius’ contributions to life as we know it today. Just imagine how different our reality would be if they hadn’t believed as they did – if they hadn’t imagined the impossible to be possible. It makes me realize that with a little encouragement and hard work, great things can be accomplished if we only believe that anything is possible.

Thanks for reading.
Leigh Lee