First Baby Book

The First Baby/Book.


My debut book was released  2/21/2015. I was equally excited and nervous.
Becoming a first time author is similar to becoming a new parent. You’ve waited excitedly for the culmination of your new baby/book and planned for its arrival by buying clothes/cover art to dress it up for its introduction to the world. Everyone has happily given you advice as to how a baby/book should be handled/written, but still you fret. Once baby/book is conceived/written, you worry if you will be a successful parent/author. Will you live up to your expectations? Or worse, those of your loved ones. Proudly, you want to show it off to anyone who will take a look/give you feedback, and pray it will grow up to be a successful human being/novel. You cringe when someone does, but then soar when they think your baby/book is fabulous. No one, but another parent/author understands how much you agonized, the pain you bore to bring your baby/book into existence. There were torturous hours/months to bring baby/book into the world. But it all finally pays off when baby/book is born/released to the public. Now you have a book/baby to properly raise/promote and you are scared to death and thrilled at the same time. Was it worth it? Ask any parent/writer. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Addition: Just like your baby, your book will grow and will change on the outside. But on the inside, it is the same wonderful Baby/Book you nuture and love.

Welcome Vows of Pain and Passion’s NEW LOOK.

A Brand New Cover with the same great story!


Leigh Lee

© Leigh Lee 2015

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